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The Artist has a Long Journey
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I make art stuff.


I have a paypal! Talk to me and we'll set somethin' up!
See my commission journal here -->…
I'm still openly taking requests for commissions! I'm not different from other people getting through some tough times and money is always needed. Please read through and consider commissioning me! If you're not sure what you want, just look at my past commissions.

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{♦} I'm taking three kinds of commission requests: 
Uncolored sketch: Not many limits on this aside from the request being in reason*. I'm a pretty messy sketcher but some people like that; this option may be for you.
Colored Sketch: I'm not that great at coloring but I can still do it! DAH! For this, I'll do requests that are also in reason*.
Chibi/baby/toddler: Let's go! More "uguu" and "kawaii" is always necessary! I can also make baby versions of you original characters! Uncolored is the lower price.
*Eg. 1-5 characters, in a setting or background. Settings will obviously take longer than backgrounds and might cost more.

{♦}What I'll draw:
Humanoids: Humans, Elves, Mermaids, demons, etc. I'm best at these and they will probably get done a lot quicker. I can draw either genders.
Furries/Animals: I'm not as good at these, but I will do them. May take a bit longer, but I need to study them anyways!
Realistic/Cartoonism/Mecha/Etc: I pretty much have this one art style, but I'm not impartial to try a more realistic, surreal, or abstract art. I haven't drawn much mecha, but I'm not unwilling to try it.
Sexual/Gore/Yaoi/Yuri/Etc content: I'll do any of those as long as they are not extremely pornographic/hardcore requests. I have a family and I don't wanna get caught drawing phallus' in a darkened room. ;D
Fanart: I prefer OC's but I will be willing to do fanart.
-If you can think of anything else I haven't listed, send me a note, and I'll consider it!

{♦} I am accepting Paypal* only, as a "business" payment.
*When using paypal, I will submit the art to DA with a watermark to display it's completion. Then, the payment will be given and I'll send the original file to the comissioner. I will do the watermark with other requests as well!

{♦}Prices and Extra Costs:
Uncolored sketch$5 (USD)
Colored sketch$15 (USD)
Chibi/baby/toddler: $5-$10 (USD)

- If there is more than 1 character there will be an extra $10 for each additional character (this excludes a random cat or animal in the art).
- A specific setting will cost an extra $5 because they take longer to do. If it's more complex it might be 10-15 more. Regular backgrounds do not cost more.
- I do not charge more for full body, every thing will cost the same.

{♦} How long will this take? It all depends. I'll keep this journal updated on when I'm going places for extended periods of time or not accepting requests in the title. You can also watch the progress of your request at the top of this post.

{♦} I have the right to deny any requests if they are too extensive or beyond my skills. It's unlikely this will happen at all because I'm pretty flexible.

{♦} Send a note to me with this following information please! It's all very important!

Username: (Your DA username)
# of Characters: (Remember, more than 1 character cost extra!)
Setting/Background: (Please descibe the setting, if you choose to have one.)
A Bit-of-Bio: (Tell a bit about the character(s) so I can get a good feel of them. This'll help me expess them better and get closer to their personalities/manerisms.)
Other: (Whatever else!)

Please post any questions in the comments and I'll try to address them. I also wanna give a special thanks to those who have given a bit of their good will to me! 

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Stolen Clothes by Artha-Adopts
The ice dragon guy got draw'd! :D
2034220p4rd1 Jan 14, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fave! :)
StreamyDigital Jan 8, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, thank you so much for the fav :heart:
flakface Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist


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